IMMUNITY to LIES and the Lure of Power

   There are many, many kinds of lies.

    It strikes me that I should review the basics for everyone.
    There are outright old-fashioned lies that people tell and they can tell them to achieve something or they can tell them for no very substantial reason at all —- like Fish Stories.
     These old-fashioned lies run the gamut for lying to your wife about working late to lying to your best friend about what you are doing on Saturday.  People often tell such lies to avoid unpleasant consequences or fights or just to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings or causing them worry.
    These latter variety of “lies in a good cause” have been called “noble lies” but in fact there are no noble lies.
    Lies about your weight, your health, your intentions, your job status, lies designed to impress others, lies to make others like you, lies to make others respect you, lies to make yourself look good, lies to avoid punishment, lies to excuse bad behavior, lies to gain something material — a promotion, a new car, a good seat at the movies — all these sorts of lies are common as dirt.
    These lies are simple and driven by petty circumstance.  Most people engage in them so constantly that they don’t even notice they are doing it:
    “I have to comb my hair!”
    Well, no, you don’t really “have to”.
    As we just demonstrated there are lies that are built into the very fabric of our language and we take them for granted and pay no mind.  This is a mistake, because it dulls both our minds and our morals.  It is the proverbial slippery slope that begins with small lapses of meaning and logic and progresses to full-blown whoppers and insanity.
     So much for normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill lies that everyone engages in at one time or another.  
    There are also lies by omission and half-truths.
    If you knowingly leave out important information that logically causes someone to believe something untrue, that is a “lie by omission”.  Typically the guilty party will say something like, “Nobody asked me about that.”—- and just as typically, they know full well that they should have spoken up and included that missing information:
     “I am not going to Des Moines Friday morning,” may be a perfectly true statement, but if its made to avoid giving someone a ride to Des Moines and you go there Friday afternoon and run into them walking down the street, we will all know you lied by omission.  Technically, what you said wasn’t a lie, but the omission of “but I am driving in early Friday afternoon.” deliberately gave a wrong impression of the actual circumstance.
    There are also half-truths for advanced liars.  The classic is Satan telling Eve she wouldn’t die if she ate the apple —-  not right away.  And there are deliberate semantic deceits.
    FDR was a very advanced liar, and apparently, his whole family engaged in lying and deceptive word play for fun and sport, to sharpen their wits, and ultimately, to defraud millions of innocent people.
    Theodore Roosevelt launched the whole American Conservation Movement as a “cover story” excusing government interference in resource management, so as to enrich the federal corporations and manipulate commodity supplies  —  especially of minerals and oil.  It had nothing to do with scenic vistas. 
    FDR and his “Governors” (also known as Franchise Managers) bankrupted the United States of America, Incorporated, and just conveniently left off the word “Incorporated” so that everyone assumed our country was bankrupt— arguably one of the largest lies by omission in human history.
     They then proceeded to pledge “the good faith and credit of their states and the citizenry thereof” and nobody bothered to explain that “their states” were territorial “states of states” — federal corporation franchises merely named after the actual states of the Union– and the “citizenry thereof” was limited to the federal franchise employees, their actual dependents, black people who never received state national political status, political asylum seekers, and federal corporations.
     This Grand Slam and very purposeful series of semantic deceits allowed the bill collectors of foreign banks calling themselves “US Trustees”— another Big Fat Lie —  to come into our country and collect bills from millions of Americans who never owed them a dime.  And FDR sat there in the White House complimenting himself on his brilliance, smiled, and gave comforting Fireside Chats to the victims of his gross deceit.
    Similar word deceits like this have played a major part in our history from the very start. Ever ask yourself why it’s named “The Articles of Confederation” instead of “The Articles of Federation”?   That one was back in 1781, only five years after The Declaration of Independence.
     Or, the office of “President of the United States” versus “President of the United States of America”?
     Or Oregon versus Oregon State versus State of Oregon versus STATE OF OREGON versus OREGON?   These semantic deceits are used to confuse and to deceive and to promote mistaking one entity for another, in the same way that a crook might call himself “Caleb D. Watts” and commit crimes, leaving the actual Caleb D. Watts to do the time.
     That is the actual history of America — crooks deceiving us and also deceiving the rest of the world, doing infamy and accruing debt in our names— and then skating away and leaving us to pay the price of their sins.
     This is the way it has been and the way it will continue to be until we all (1) learn to be much sharper about the nuances of names and language and (2) learn to recognize lies in all their forms and guises.
     Some of the biggest lies are promoted in the name of expediency and convenience.
     The entire concept of time is exactly such a lie.
     God gave us the gift of an eternal present in which to live, which is the “alpha and omega” we call “now”.   So it is exactly and perfectly true that we all live in Him, the physical embodiment of “Now” which is where both past and future meet, the true Zero Point, both the beginning and the end of all that went before and all that may come after.
     Mathematically, physically, in every way you can think of—-“TIME” does not exist.
     It never has.
     It is not really August 17, 2017.
     To the extent that “time” can be conceptualized and measured in terms of any physical parameter, only God knows what time it is.
     Yet, billions of people on this planet take the concept of time very seriously.  They measure it like fine gold.
     They set their clocks by it and measure seconds of a substance that doesn’t really exist.  They use it to organize their every moment — when they are born, when they awaken, when they go out, when they go in, when they go to work, how long they stay at work, when they go home, when they go to the movies, when they go to bed and when they die.
      And it’s all a Big, Fat Lie.
      We live our entire lives in one moment — now.  The past that once existed is gone the moment we pass through it, and the future that beckons is just a calculation of probabilities.
     Money is another such Big, Fat Lie.
     Money, even money that is a commodity in-and-of-itself like gold, is just a symbol of value  —  a lie.
   The Queen of Babylon realized that a basket of wheat and a gold coin had the same perceived value in the local marketplace, so instead of hauling baskets of wheat back and forth, why not stamp the image of a basket of wheat on a gold coin and call it good?  Trade baskets of wheat using coins to symbolize them?
     Money was born.
     No single “lie of convenience” has ever caused more trouble or mental confusion.
     Via this practice of trading one value for another, “symbolizing it”, people have become habituated to think of money as the “ultimate commodity”— the one commodity that can be translated into any other commodity.
     But in fact, this is all hokum and is supported only by force or agreement.
     People in this country were gradually forced to accept “legal tender” laws as a result of being fraudulently involved in foreign bankruptcies.  The specious “Congress” got up one morning and said, oh, by the way, you have to accept our I.O.U.’s as being equal in value to your silver dollars…..
      You will find it in black and white in the “Emergency Banking Act” of 1934, in which they granted themselves full access to all the gold and silver in your treasury in “equitable exchange” for their paper promises to pay, which were also drawn off your credit.
     Got that?
     Let’s see…. I will use your credit to buy a loaf of bread, and then, I will use your actual assets, your gold and silver, to pay off the credit account, and in exchange, I will give you a piece of paper (which I also had printed and charged to you) in exchange for the bread, the gold and silver, the credit, and the printing costs.
    That is what has been going on in this country since 1913 and all around the rest of the world, too, but everyone has been so confused about what money is and is not, that nobody complained.
      Most recently the rats responsible have saved you some money on the printing costs by trying to do away with cash and going to “digital money”—-but as always, their concern is not to benefit you.  It’s to make erasing your financial records and resources — and their debts — more convenient for them.  Without cash or some other physical symbol of money in your hand, it’s just a quick walk over to the computer console, a single click on the right key, and poof!
     There went your life’s savings, your college fund—-and their debts, all in one flash of binary code.  And how will you prove what you had in the bank when it happened?  And how will you prove who did the awful deed and just callously erased all the hours of your life you were forced to trade for their pieces of paper and digits created out of thin air?

     The real “financial disaster” everyone has been waiting for, has already happened.


      It happened when Americans blindly trusted the members of Congress and mistook the Board of Directors and Trustees of foreign corporations as their representatives.
     These vermin have looted our treasury long ago and they have amassed huge, insurmount-  able odious debts and charged them all to our accounts.  Now they are trying to pass it all off in bankruptcy—-claiming protection for themselves that they don’t deserve, as all this was done in fraud and with malice aforethought — and when their creditors have come to collect, they have opened the door wide and pointed at us, our copyrights, our patents, our bank balances, our pensions, our bodies and our souls which have been bought and sold without our knowledge, our homes and our lands and our businesses.
     Well, folks, they are claiming that you are “dead” and that you “abandoned” your assets and left it all to them and that you did this all “voluntarily”.
      All those deposits to what you thought was your bank account?  No, those were “donations” to their corporate franchise named after you.
     Your house that you labored for?  And thought was yours?  Ah, no, that belongs to HIM, too, and since he is a “ward of the STATE”, all HIS assets are being liquidated to pay their debts.
     That mortgage that you believe was your mortgage?  No, that’s HIS, too.  And the escrow account where all the mortgage payments went?  That’s HIS, also, and since HE never collected the account, the bank just seized it all as abandoned funds.
     If you should have any questions or complaints about this, their Bill Collectors wearing black robes and pretending to be judges, will be happy to prove to you that you actually have “NO INTEREST” in the disposition of HIS property.
     People often try to bribe me in ways both small and very large, sometimes subtly, and sometimes grossly and obviously.  Hey, Judge Anna….. just look the other way…..
Hey, Judge Anna…..this isn’t really so bad, it could be good if…..
Hey, Judge Anna, if you just did this, you could be so rich!
     Yes, I could be rich.  I could chant the lies.  I could be powerful in the ways of the world, too.   Boy, I could make those digits fly and “do myself a favor” in the lingo of the crooks.  All I’d have to do is believe the lies — or pretend to, and just as Satan said to Jesus, “All this could be yours!”
     The whole Kingdom of Lies is always at the disposal of those who know the Truth.
     But then I would fail my duty to God and country, and to you, too.
     Many, many, many men have known the Truth and have avoided it for just as many reasons.  They have shrugged and said, well, if this is the game we are playing, how can I win?  They have made up excuses — what difference can one man make?   They have shaken their heads —- nothing I can do about it.  I’m too busy.  I have six kids to support.  My Mother needs Medicare.
     It’s because good men do nothing and because those who know the Truth remain silent that this situation has gone on for well over a hundred years and also …  why it is fast coming to a crisis against which money and power and ill-gotten honors cannot defend.
     I am an old woman.  I have lived my life, made my mistakes, fallen on my nose more than a few times.  As difficult as it has often been, I cherish my life, and I am deeply grateful for the many blessings I have received— for friends and pets and children and opportunities, for a wonderful education and a home and a husband like no other—-so many, many gifts God has given me, the sunrise and morning glory’s, June roses and winter nights by wood fires and all the stars of Heaven to be my diamonds.
     Yes, I have been fabulously wealthy in my own way, by my own estimation and I have no regrets.
     When you get to the point in your life where you have no regrets, you know that the rest is all gravy. Every day is a gift in which you do your best to show your love and hold up your end and share whatever wisdom your possess.
     That is why I am telling you all now— I have spent my whole life listening to men tell lies. I’ve listened to them lie to themselves and lie to each other and lie to me. I have heard the lies of clergymen and politicians and school teachers, of husbands, wives, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  I don’t think there is a kind or variety of lie I haven’t heard or at one time or another, told myself.
     But at a certain point, if you have been paying attention, you realize that there are no secrets and so, you stop lying and no longer have any use for it.  You recognize it for what it is and you stop doing it.  And then the Truth becomes your life and your life becomes the Truth.

      Tell the Truth to yourself now.  Own it. Tell your friends and your family, your clergymen, your buddies at the Moose Lodge, your pals at AmVets.


     Tell the girls at the bowling alley and the post office.  Share it with your family, your neighbors, your Yahtzee Club.   Tell those people in the legislatures and “departments” and agencies and the members of Congress.  Let them have it, full bore.  Go into your bank and tell your bank president, too, and also the members of the Chambers of Commerce.
       Write to the Pope and the Queen and the Lord Mayor of London, too.  Write to Vladimir Putin.  And the Secretary of Commerce.  And the Provost Marshal.  And the Comptroller of the Currency.  And the Judges and Clerks of The United States District Court for the District of Columbia.  And the Secretary of the United Nations. And the Office of the Prosecutor at the World Court.  And Cardinals and the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church.  And the Governors of the States of States. Tell your local Police Chief, your Sheriff, your “Commissioners”.  Tell the Mayors and City Councilmen.
     Let them all hear it, loud and clear.  Let them all know that they are responsible for this Mess and that all their lies have come home to roost at last.
     All it costs is time, paper, and postage stamps— and at least you will have the satisfaction of doing your duty to report crime to the appropriate authorities.
     The charlatans have profited themselves by genociding us on paper.  Perhaps they, or rather,  their hired police forces, will have guts enough to try it in the flesh.
As I have said before, we must be ready for whatever comes, wise as serpents, gentle as doves.
     I repeat my plea to help me and my Team if you can–we’ve gotten to the point of needing expert translators and witnesses and travel money—  but only if you can.  I want you all to take care of yourselves and your families and put aside some “extra” of everything you may need— food and medicines, fuel, water, extra toilet paper.  Just find a little space in a closet or under the bed and do what you can.
     Always, do what you can.  It may not seem like much.  You may seem small and your efforts insignificant, but God sees it all, and the raindrops make the oceans. One man acting with Good Will, one woman standing in the Truth, one teenager who grabs an oar and pulls his part of the family load, yes, you make a difference. A huge, profound, and everlasting difference is seldom made by any grand gesture or single action.  Rather, such things come about by changing our attitudes and our ideas and our hearts and taking such small actions as choosing to grow a kitchen garden or adopt a pet or paying a tenth of the cost of giving a farmer in New Guinea a cow for Christmas.
     It all adds up. >>>  to  IMMUNITY TO LIES …! !  



8 thoughts on “IMMUNITY to LIES and the Lure of Power

  1. Elaine Keno

    Just think, if you had lied, you would have your law license back and could be serving the people of PA who NEED you, and WANT you to practice law. The only thing I have learned in three years of pro se in probate court, after 30-years of covering crime, the courts, law, etc., is that 1) Lawyers lie to judges all the time and get away with it, 2) Judges lie and get away with it, 3) the corruption in PA will never end and is spiraling out of control because the theft and deveption ectend to the highest levels of power – the judiciary. 4) The only industry that can, possibly, break the circle/cycle and it can’t or won’t, for reasons that would be speculation, on my part, at this point. Still, I am always amused when media such as the LI, (or, the Legal Unintelligencer, as I call it), regurgitates a JCB press release (usually regarding an insignificant minor court judge whose actions affected one or two people, including a secretary), and then contacts Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts for “opposing” comment. Huh! That the media has never investigated exactly WHO (we) funds this so-labeled “non-profit” with the non-confrontational name, agenda, or stance. How embarassing it would be for all involved if the records revealed the taxpayer has been paying the bill for the judiciary to control its image and criticism of its actions, and the media has fallen right into its trap for 25-years. Just sayin’..

    1. Administrator Post author

      Thank you for a concise very well articulated summary of Pennsylvania’s “legal” (not “judicial”) operation that pretends to administer Law. The PA Constitution is self-contradictory, which renders it to be “unconstitutional” on it face. In other words, There are No RIGHTS for We the People. I agree with your conclusion, with the caveat that you fail to identify the perpetrator(s). I contend that since all (or most) lawyers are members of the PA BAR Assoc., a working subsididiary of the ABA (a foreign guild / organization), that the ABA is the ENEMY of We the People, and must be “banned” from any participation in the American “judicial system” (which doesn’t truly exist … Be Well!

  2. Elaine Keno

    Sorry for typos again. Meant to say only the mainstream NEWS MEDIA can crack/break the cycle of legal and judicial corruption (but refuses to do so). BTW, VOTERS SHOULD VOTE NO ON RETENTION FOR CHESTER COUNTY JUDGE KATHERINE B.L. PLATT NEXT MONTH. Read her record of destroying families and put an end to it!

  3. Elaine Keno

    I will name names very shortly if the PA Superior Court continues to bury its head in the sand in an attempt to silence me. If it does, (for e.g., a “per curiam” panel struck my timely filed appellate brief without a motion to strike, and without giving a reason. Upon reconsideration, the brief was still struck, by a 2-1 vote, with the senior most – and most learned judge on the panel, IMO – dissenting. One can only assume they found the factual content of the brief “disturbing” to their image. Therefore, I expect to be formally escorted out of oral argument.)
    If however, the appellate court, at least, considers my appeal from orders of Chester County Common Pleas Court – Orphans Court Division, and offers a well-reasoned decision either way, then it will be public record.
    I am reminded by honest lawyers that the court (s) would not be working so hard to shut me up if I didn’t have so much credibility. I would be willing to bet many Superior Court judges in Philly woke up to me anchoring or reporting the news on KYW News Radio for 15-years and listened to me two, three, four times a day. They believed me then….. As an expert on communications and public information and government transparency I am surprised the PA judiciary has employed such a lame strategy against me, so far. Shooting the messenger usually doesn’t end well for the shooter. From a public relations strategy standpoint, it is always best to confront the problem head on, and NEVER lie. FWIW

  4. Elaine Keno

    I spoke with Superior Court prothonotary Benjamin Kohler today, wanting a definitive answer on whether i would be allowed oral argument, especially in light of the fact that my sister – the appellant in the case – has just days to live. He told me, “No. You are not a party to this case”. (I most certainly I am. And I guarantee I will be considered a party to the case when the appellee’s corrupt lawyers try and come after me for their legal fees).
    When I asked why, if I am not a party to the case, was I given a briefing schedule and a court order on when to file my brief, he had no credible explanation.
    When I asked how a “per curiam” panel could decide to strike my brief when there was no motion to strike, he said, “I can’t comment on deliberations”. Yeah…No shit. But that wasn’t my question.
    Either the Superior Court is psychic (at least three judges, anyway), or someone told them they MUST strike my brief. Do you have any thoughts on this?
    My new question, then, is: Is “per curiam” Latin for “corrupt prothonotary? I think it just might be.

    1. Administrator Post author

      I’m not sure if I can be of assistance …; After reading through the materials you sent, It is MY opinion that you need a “Constitutional” lawyer.

      There may be a GOOD CHANCE that this matter MUST BE TRIED in a federal court, because the State court has been denying your right to “due process of Law”.

      I suspect that you may have been denied “due process” of law as well as your 4th Amendment (and probably 6th Amendment) rights. Either of which deprivation causes the court to ”FORFEIT” jurisdiction.

      You have the RIGHT to face your accusers … and IN THE CASE Where the accusers are “Law enforcement” officers (Police), the matter automatically must be transferred to federal court. UBC RULE 5.0.

      If you visit < < >> Look under JUDICIAL ATROCITIES / JURISDICTION … plenty of “LAW” and Case Law to support a CHALLENGE to State Court Jurisdiction … btw, there is NO Expiration of a TIME limit to challenge the Jurisdiction of a court.

      You need a Good / Honest “Constitutional” LAWYER for your father. I do not claim such skills, except for the Honest part …
      but I have been forbidden to practice Law in state and federal courts.

      Good LUCK! I pray that you find an Honest judge in an Honest Court! Regrettably, I am not optimistic for either. CRIMINALS ARE RUNNING OUR COURTS!

    1. Administrator Post author

      By police, I mean anyone paid by the taxpayers >> law enforcement officers, locale police, State troopers, Federal agents, prosecutors, etc. Their job is to secure your constitutional rights according to their oath of office. The government contracts with We the People as trustees to the Constitution. The Uniform Bonding Code (UBC) protects us from a tyrannical government. Rule 5.0 transfers jurisdiction to the federal courts if your rights have been Denied by the police or other Government agent.
      You need to familiarize yourself with the Bill of Rights. When the State government (court) forfeits jurisdiction, that court loses all Power to Act! Good Luck!


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