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Eugene A. Wrona, Administrator of this site declares and affirms, under penalty for PERJURY that the information and

facts reported about public officers or other persons identified in Cases published under “Judicial Atrocities”, or persons nominated to this HALL OF SHAME are of first hand personal knowledge. Administrator affirms that all statements therein are true, correct, materially complete, certain, and not misleading. Administrator reserves the right to correct any errors or typos upon notice or inquiry of any party.

Every person or "court" so identified and/or nominated to the Hall of Shame has been served with NOTICE* and has been afforded the opportunity to respond to the averments published in this website. If any nominee objects or disagrees with facts or Law as represented in a Case or the Nomination, that nominee (or a person acting in his/her behalf) MUST SERVE NOTICE of that objection or disagreement to the Administrator within thirty (30) days after receiving Notice from the Administrator.

Any response/objection must be by sworn and notarized affidavit [under penalty for perjury] by the Nominee under his/her Christian and/or family name with a point-for-point objection or disagreement specific to the subject matter of the Case or Nomination, supporting his/her objection with fact, evidence and Constitutional law. Your response must be mailed via Certified (return Receipt) U.S. Mail or Delivery Confirmation to the address below.

The Nominee's failure to respond within thirty (30) days as stipulated constitutes agreement with all facts as published and admission to the fact that everything published in the Case or Nomination regarding his/her actions is true, correct, legal, lawful, and constitutes your irrevocable admission attesting thereto and is fully binding upon you in any court in America, without your protest, objection, or that of those who represent you.


Send your response to:


2040 Virginia St.

Allentown,  PA   18103

* Notice sent via U.S. Mail.