Constitution Remedies

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Constitution Remedies

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The U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. Pa Court Injustice will identify promulgations of law that impinge on our Constitutional rights. Under the First Amendment / Redress of Grievances, where the deprivation of rights arises from “application” of law and/or criminal misconduct by the courts, victims of court injustice should be entitled, according to the offenses, to reparation at the expense of the government.

Pa Court Injustice proposes remedies that will include “enacting legislation” to prevent future abuse of the rights of We the People; accountability for the perpetrators of the abuse; and reparations due victims. Remedies must require that all State and Federal statutes, regulations or codes pass a litmus test for compliance with the U.S. Constitution to protect and preserve the rights of individuals as secured under the Bill of Rights and other constitutional law, and that State compliance pass the same litmus test.

State legislators have a constitutional DUTY under their oaths of office / Article VI of the Constitution of Pennsylvania to investigate complaints concerning judicial misconduct, and to prosecute for impeachment when appropriate. We the People must demand that legislators act in accordance with their DUTY, and must enforce that demand at the ballot box. Character and Integrity must become a campaign issue for each legislative office within this Commonwealth.

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