List of Documents

Each Document contains select clauses / paragraphs from the source Law, Rules or case law, and may, over time, be supplemented to illustrate abuses of discretion in the courts.

Web ID Federal
A United States Constitution (sans Amendments)
B Bill of Rights et al
C Select Federal Statutes
D 45 CFR 302 & 304 (Select paragraphs)
E Federal Case Law
  Pennsylvania (State law)
F Constitution of Pennsylvania (sans Amendments)
G Select Pennsylvania Statutes
H Case Law [ Coming Soon ]
  Pennsylvania Rules of Court
I Select Rules of Civil Procedure
J Rules for Child Support [ Coming Soon ]
K Select Rules of Appellate Procedure
L Rules of Professional Conduct (Selected)
M Code of Judicial Conduct (Selected)
N Letter from PA Supreme Court Justice Ronald D. Castille

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