Clinton Hypocrisy

Challenge to the 2016 TRUMP Election Win:
Democrats, and even several Republicans hurled insults at nominee Trump, because he withheld a ‘blanket’ statement of acceptance of the results of the general election. Leading the insults was Hillary Clinton, the nominee of Democrats; calling such conduct UN-American!

Clinton decried Trump’s position, stating it was a repudiation of American politics for a smooth transition of Power … from one party to the next. At the Time, Clinton was the odds-on favorite to Win the election. The news media was overloaded with pundits claiming “There is No Path for Trump to acquire the 270 electoral votes necessary to Win the election”.

Horror of Horrors!
On Nov. 8, 2016, Donald Trump won the election with approximately 306 electoral votes! Clinton made the requisite “concession” speech, but days later joined with 3rd (or 4th) party candidate, Jill Stein, who challenged the results by demanding a recount of the votes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania; significant States of the Democrats “Blue Wall”. Stein needed $Millions to bring the actions for recounts in 3 State elections. Where did it come from?

So much for “accepting the results of the election”. According to Hillary Clinton:
“Accepting election results” is MANDATORY! … UNLESS WE LOSE!
The recounts did not go so well; in Wisconsin, the recount found another 148 votes for “Donald TRUMP”; Pennsylvania courts dismissed the challenge, claiming that Stein lacked standing to bring the action. A Michigan recount then became “moot”. Trump had withstood another attack from the left (Democrats). Trump had blasted right through the invincible “Blue Wall” of the Democrat Party, winning Ohio as well.
But Democrats were not through, yet! Next came another effort to nullify the election results by claiming that RUSSIA “hacked” into DNC files, and influenced the results against Clinton. Their arguments are without evidence and are purely hypothetical. Sounds like a GREAT reason to overturn the Will of the People. But Democrats still had ONE ACE up their sleeve. They could “persuade” Electors from the several States to disregard their fiduciary responsibility to vote according to the choice of voters in their respective States, freeing them to vote “their own conscience” (e.g. “Clinton”). This ploy, actually a “criminal conspiracy”, failed. Some reports claim that 2 “electors” refused to vote “Trump”, in conformance with the election results per the voters in their State, but Clinton lost 5 “electors”. Trump won in the “electoral college“ handily”.
THE “SYSTEM” worked EXACTLY the way it was Intended

TRUMP Won! Get over it!

Let’s move forward … EXCEPT! >>> CRIMES were committed against the People of the United States. Jill Stein raised several Million Dollars to file for a “recount” in three states. Where did that money come from?? Did she run a “Constitutional election challenge fund drive” ? I think not … The MONEY was available almost instantaneously! Where did it come from? and WHO produced it? Many suggest that George Soros, a “naturalized American citizen” provided the money. Democrats were attempting to reverse the Will of the People and STEAL the election for Hillary Clinton. Intimidation of “electors” was the next process. Several electors spoke out and said they and their families had been “threatened” with harm and even Death if they cast their vote for Trump. Shall this be the “new norm” for American elections?
NOTE: “Electors” are Public Officers, which makes them “trustees” under the Public Trust. Attempting to influence (or persuade} a trustee to violate their fiduciary responsibility creates a “conflict of interest crime” (5 CFR 2635.101). We have now reached a NEW Plateau for “dirty” politics. There are State laws that prohibit “threats” against judicial officers as well as “Criminal conspiracies”.

“Electors” for the Presidency of the United States are NOTHING if not a judicial officer. The DOJ needs to conduct an investigation into every facet of the Democrats efforts to overturn the 2016 election results. Persons found to have “threatened” a public servant deserve to be indicted and tried criminally and, if found guilty, sentenced according to Law.
The DOJ investigation should not stop with the perpetrators, but needs be expanded to reach the source behind the criminal enterprise. If that source turns out to be a “naturalized” citizen, possibly even George Soros, his citizenship can be “revoked” under US Law. Deportation of George Soros, former US citizen, would answer my Prayer for “… ONE NATION, under God, with … JUSTICE For ALL”.

When the “electoral College had completed its task, there seemed to be No Other possible threat to a TRUMP/Republican administration. Not So Fast! Evidence of “computer hacking” of DNC files was reconfigured into accusations that the “hacking” was perpetrated by the “Russian government” with the objective to DEFEAT the Democrat candidate … Hillary Clinton!