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41 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Louie Mouratidis

    About me, After 18 years of legal abuse, via: Judicial Court Litigation – Pre-Trial Detainee Civil Rights Enforcements via: Title 42: U.S.C. Sec. 1997(e)(e) & 1983 Litigating & learning law in two states. I have become what, I have no idea, Still fighting for life & liberty, as defined in each word to the fullies & Doing do as a disabled citizen. I find my self lost. For the past year(s), I could not socials any more, my life has been striped, all I can do & think is law, going to jail, filing for other inmates, attacking the treasury dept. upon it’s convictions that I block. I am setting here writing this, from good cause shown, no life, Just on the net reading sites like yours & Thank You!!!! The web sit shown opbove is not complete do to massive other cases. It was the only one I could draft. I just felt like writing to the drafter of this sit, in criminal law, is called the Mens rea. That is my problem, as you can see, I have been training to long, to hard, & all I know is to talk law, I forgot to be an averge joe. Thanks for educating those who seek.

    1. Administrator

      Thank You, Louie.
      You are not alone. Others are out there trying to restore justice and integrity to our courts.
      You will find groups organizing to bring this to the attention of the public.
      Join them if you are able.
      This site will continue to grow. Visit at your convenience.

  2. Jay Spencer

    I tried sending an email, but “” bounced with thye following error message:
    “Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

    The error that the other server returned was:
    550 No Such User Here”

    Therefore, I am copying the email below:

    As you may recall, I met you at a meeting of the NLA in the library in Allentown on May 28. After the meeting, you, I and Bill Reil (of had an informative private chat.

    If we reached any consensus, it was that the NLA had problems with its leadership and tactics, and that it was headed for serious problems (if not total disaster). My current belief is that, while a Grand Jury solution might work to solve some problems of our current, failed judicial system, the NLA approach was not going to be the magic bullet hoped for by its proponents (and that any bullet issuing from this group is more likely to penetrate a foot or two).

    Eric Williams, who has had personal success with his approach during the last 49 years, has a Yahoo group on which he has posted some documents (, and an internet radio show (

    I first encountered Eric at this link,

    I found it sufficiently interesting to make my own transcript with notes, which I attached to this email. Reading it is quicker than watching the 90-minute interview.

    The following snippet from this transcript provides the answer to why I think it’s germane to the topic of the Grand Jury “movement:”

    W: There are a number of ongoing initiatives in the US regarding “common-law grand juries.”

    A: Most seem to be making the same mistakes as the NY CLGJ in that their websites are all linked; the NYCLGJ seems to be the dominant influence.

    W: What, in your view, are those mistakes?

    A: Using the term “common-law” and failing to present declarations by the jury volunteers that they are “of the sovereign people” and not of the class of “citizens,” who have in effect given up their sovereign status. Until they become aware, individually, of their de facto status, they must me subservient to the authority that they are otherwise challenging, and thereby acting as slaves. They still accept their birth certificate ID as their real identity.”

    (Now you have a hint as to why he calls himself “The Radical in the Twilight Zone.” He has this going for him: he challenged the jurisdiction of the IRS over him, has paid no taxes, and has been left alone for 49 years.)

    In the interview, he explains why most “patriot myths” are just that.

    Here’s where I’d like you to judge whether you and Eric might be on the same page on a particular point of law. I read on your website (under Judicial Atrocities) the section on Jurisdiction, and have a question regarding your thoughts on the US Constitution,14th Amendment, section 1 (which you quote there). In the attached transcript is this passage (with my comment added), where Eric quotes the same section:

    “All persons born or or naturalized in the US, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the US and the State where they reside.” It’s very important to pay attention to that explanatory clause between those 2 commas. This clause requires that some action be taken to effect that “subjugation.” The clause implies a voluntary action; without such voluntary action, there would be no need for the clause. (My note: a maxim of law is that a law contains no unnecessary verbiage. Words included in a law are meant to be included. The law, if the clause in bold was deleted, would make perfect sense and would confer citizenship on “All persons born or or naturalized in the US.” The addition of this qualifying and limiting clause, therefore, must have been intended and narrows the meaning of the law. It is also clear that mere birth or naturalization, in and of themselves, do NOT confer citizenship. I believe Mr. Williams’ interpretation is correct that such “subjugation to jurisdiction” MUST be a voluntary act, since no other possibility is allowed for within the wording of the law.)

    One more thing I’d like to run by you: a paper (albeit from a possibly dubious source) entitled “Challenge Jurisdiction,” peppered with case law citations, at

    I am hoping to find a way, perhaps by challenging jurisdiction, to render my foreclosure a nullity, at the very beginning–where a party not entitled to foreclose obtained a default judgment from the court.

    Finally (with apologies for putting so much in this one comment form): below is a transcript I made from an interview with Eric Williams. He is quite a character, as you will see. Not the best speaker or writer around, but he has a track record of personal results in his own battles with governmental authorities. I am researching his approaches for possible use in my struggle to save my home, avoid homelessness and reunite with my wife (who has moved to a low-income apartment in NJ to escape the stress of impending homelessness).

    Eric Williams (“The Radical in the Twilight Zone”)

    Sources: many articles, videos, one or more with Alfred Lambremont Webre. Also on Webre’s, and at is a video of an interview he did with A. L. Webre. Here is one of those links:

    I made these notes from my viewing of the video. There is a “Partial Transcript” supplied below the video itself, but it seems to be text that Eric Williams supplied to Webre in advance of the interview. The interview begins with a long monologue by Williams; farther down in these notes, I separate questions and answers with “W” indicating Webre’s questions and comments, and “A” for Eric’s answers. In many cases, I rephrased the spoken words to condense thoughts and reflect my understanding of them.

    I believe these notes add immensely to the information you can extract from the “partial transcript, and were of great value to me in my understanding of Eric’s wisdom accumulated over 50 years. I hope you derive similar value. I am sending these notes to Eric for his evaluation, and will report any feedback I receive.

    49+ years ago, Eric beat the IRS.
    He cites the 13th and 14th amendments. Prior to 1776, there was no govt, here in the colonies. Everyone became equal and sovereign (no ability to command any other equal). No possibility of founders compelling anyone who did not volunteer to be subject to the constitution. We are enticed into subservience to the rule of others (govt.) Eric blasts “patriot myths.” 0+0 always = 0. How were we enticed? Constitution written by aristocrats; they did not want to give up their control and contrived loopholes. Who was intended to be enslaved by the constitution? We were. Why was the constitution written with so many admonitions about eternal vigilance (which were unrealistic)? How do we avoid micromanagement by the political class? Did the commoners of 1776 demand such vigilance? No. Why did the aristocratic writers of the constitution add all those provisions? Why do today’s advocates of common law insist that our Republic be “restored?” Where in the Constitution does it declare us to be a Republic? (He proceeds with his answers to these questions.)

    Where, in the New York Common Law Grand Jury filings, taken from the NY State codes, are 2 classes established, “people” and “citizens?” Words can be imbued with extra meaning with their context. Be aware of the propensity of politicians to use “terms of art” (ie, devious concealed intent). Self-evident: “citizen” is a political word which constitutes an acknowledgment of subservience to a political superior, no matter the context, such as “all the citizens in the swimming pool” vs. “all the people in the swimming pool.” The Framers used “people,” avoiding the use of the word “citizen.” If they had used both of those words in the bill of rights, they would have seen the scam and objected. (The commoners had revolted against the existence of two political classes.)

    The Preamble’s importance is usually overlooked. It establishes the purpose of the Constitution, and declares the source of its authority, clearly stated as “the people of the United States.” (No reference to “citizens,” or their posterity.) In order to so declare, those people must be politically sovereign, subservient to no one. The purpose of the Constitution was to control the government, NOT THE PEOPLE. No problem was perceived by this in the populace of the time, except for Patrick Henry. He smelled a rat, and would have no more to do with it. Sadly, Henry did not properly identify the rat.

    Here’s where the Founders got devious: They created a subservient class (“citizen”) in Article 1, section 2, where citizenship is not acquired by birth; in listing requirements for service in the Fed. govt., only the word “citizen” was used. No such requirements were applied to the “people.” Thus, they established a Republic. (A “Republican form of government was guaranteed to be established in all the states.”) Thereby, “States” became dukedoms, and “Citizens” became subjects.

    With regard to the filings of the NY Common Law Grand Jury, (Eric) contends that the use of the words “Common Law” is one of the reasons their papers have been rejected by the courts. The filings insisted that the Jury was “common law,” and that every state be guaranteed a “Republican form of government.” This strongly implies that their proposed “reconstituting” will eliminate the current system. Of course, we can’t do that and have no intention of doing so. Everything established is under the Constitution and the Supreme Court has acknowledged that there are 4 branches of government. (3 are in the Constitution, and one is not (it’s in the preamble). The 4th branch is without the purview of the other 3 (constitutional) branches.

    (Right about now, a bell in your head should ring: the provisions of the Constitution apply to the government, and ONLY to the government! You can see the wheels turning (or grinding) in Mr. Webre’s head at this point in the video.)

    The Grand jury, while totally independent of the 3 branches of government, must respect them. Whenever we use the term “Common Law,” implying that we are going to displace the 3 branches, we’re making a very serious mistake. All the ranting about “restoring the Republic” has caused much division among the supporters of the NLA.

    How does an individual in the US become subservient to the government? (1) “Citizenship” is not established in the constitution. in the 14th amendment, In its first part, the 14th does NOT declare that those born in the US become citizens due to being born there. The wording is: “All persons born or or naturalized in the US, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the US and the State where they reside.” It’s very important to pay attention to that explanatory clause between those 2 commas. This clause requires some action to be taken to effect that “subjugation.” The clause implies a voluntary action; without such voluntary action, there would be no need for the clause. (My note: a maxim of law is that it contains no unnecessary verbiage.)

    The 13th Amendment prohibits involuntary servitude (“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall exist in the US.”), prohibiting citizenship by birth.” Therefore, the government is prohibited from declaring that anyone born here is subservient to any level of government. When we are born here, we are politically sovereign and independent. (Babies have no ability to volunteer anything.) We do not participate in the creation of our names.Our parents could claim ownership of our names. . . the Birth Certificate is designed and created by the State, and the parents are not informed of the potential value of that property. Their ability to work and pay taxes gives the names value in the hands of the government. The parents are not informed of their right to claim ownership of that name. The State takes custody of that certificate, and every state has a statute for the disposition of abandoned property. (Usually after being unclaimed for 3-7 years.) Thereafter, if you claim your identity as being that on your birth certificate, you accept that ID as a franchise of the state-owned name. Because of the lack of disclosure, this franchise is void. (See Holy Trinity Church v United States for cite.)

    Eric Williams has counseled many to write to the IRS to challenge them to prove that (the writer) voluntarily gave up their sovereignty. None of them have heard back. They are still using their SSN and drivers’ license. He has no registration plate. If pulled over, he explains that the State will not give him a license or registration because he cannot truthfully claim ownership of his name or birth certificate. He has not refused to apply for a license, the state has refused to make a way for him to comply. (this brings in the Holy Trinity Church v United States Supreme Court case. “When the strict application of a code or statute (or constitutional provision) will result in an absurd outcome, such application must be construed to avoid the absurdity.” The state has no recourse, because Williams has done nothing wrong. The state can’t “correct” the problem because the state does not have standing. Before the state can require compliance with statute, you must first submit yourself to the state.

    The same situation applies in the case of the CLGJ. They would not replace the existing courts, but could declare laws unconstitutional, and indict public officials. That’s why the 4th branch was established; the US Supreme Court supports the functioning of the GJ independently of the 3d branch, via the 5th amendment. When the NYCLGJ files documents which fail to present declarations establishing that all of the people of NY who are jurors on those GJs have the proper standing to so serve, the 3d-branch courts have no option but to reject those filings. (Personal knowledge of wrongdoing is a requirement, as is being an injured party.)

    (Here Webre interjects, goes back to the text of the 5th amendment, at 50:52.) “5th Amendment: no person shall be deprived of their rights to property, liberty, etc. unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury.” Where do your concept of a sovereign person and a grand jury intersect? Isn’t the 5th, by creating a grand jury, creating a common-law institution?
    A: The founders did not mention common law in the constitution, they deliberately left it out. The amendments were demanded by “commoners,” not by the aristocratic framers. (Under the king, commoners did not have sovereignty.)

    Because the Grand Jury’s authority is outside that of the 3 branches, it must be populated by people who are sovereign. It was the intention and belief of all of those “commoners” (as opposed to the aristocrats who wrote the constitution) that everyone was politically equal (no “aristocrats'”). Under the king, commoners did not have sovereignty. After the king was overthrown, the commoners gained sovereignty and the ability to participate in the formation of government and determine who will be charged with crimes. Therefore, a grand jury can determine whether the acts of a person constitute a crime, and whether or not the government has the authority to make a particular act a crime. (For example, the importation into a county of used mobile homes, or the requirement to remove graffiti at the victim’s expense.) If the GJ does not indict, no action may be taken by the (constitutional) court.

    However, if the GJ does send the case to trial, the grand jury does not conduct it. That is for the petit jury, which must be separate from the GJ to avoid bias.

    Q: But now, as a practical matter, isn’t it true that the original intent of the Grand Jury has been subverted by the state prosecutor who has taken over the GJ? For example, while all states have GJ provisions in their law, only half the states currently employ them. In the other half, the prosecutors are creatures of the state, and the CLGJ is a fiction. Isn’t that the case?

    A: (@59:00) Under the constitution, there never was a “Common Law Grand Jury. It’s unfortunate that concerned citizens (!) have applied that term, because it alarms those within our judicial system, because under the common law, there are no statutes. Every case would be decided on its merits. If someone believed they had been wronged, they would complain to the Sheriff, who would take the complaint to the grand jury, which would consider the merits and determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence to warrant a petit jury trial. If the GJ so found for the complainant (without reference to statute), they would recommend a petit jury trial to evaluate ALL the evidence from all parties. (The 5th amendment does not call for a common law grand jury. That would displace the existing court.)

    Example: during the civil war, a law was passed making it illegal for a northerner to give refuge to a fugitive slave. Some accused of harboring slaves were acquitted by juries. When this happened, the judicial system didn’t like it. That’swhy the grand jury movement is now gatheringforce. But, we are “shooting ourselves in the foot whenever we use the term CLGJ.

    W: To clarify, there are a number of entities now goingforward. One is perhaps best termed a “tribunal of conscience,” such as the ICLCJ or the Kuala Lumpur war crimes tribunal (on which A. L. Webre has served as a judge). These fill a gap where the established courts have failed to adjudicate major crimes under international law at the level of genocide and child trafficking. (The ICC in the Hague failed to take action, faced with over 41 complaints of war crimes in Iraq by UK and US forces and the genocide of over 300,000 children. Reason: these entities were earning money from this genocide.) The ICLCJ and KLWCT used existinginternational law in their prosecutions. Now, in the US, in parallel fashion, the Grand Juries obey the prosecutors in what they do and don’t prosecute, becoming a medium of oppression.

    A: I agree with these international movements, but they’re not trying to operate under the US 5th amendment. We are trying to get recognized by the US court system, and should not use the term CL here in the US. Doing so will block the recognition we seek.

    W: You’re saying that you have found a way to gather sovereign people, they can serve under the authority of the 5th amendment. (Therefore, they should be called “5th-Amendment Grand Juries?)

    A: Yes.

    W: How does one become a sovereign person? You said that you don’t have a birth certificate. Really?

    A: Nobody does.

    W: You are saying that a birth certificate is a logical fallacy, because the bearer of one could never have acknowledged it as an infant, and testify to its accuracy or validity, then or now? So the entire system operates under a legal fiction? (EW calls it fraud.)

    A: A birth certificate doesn’t prove anything. It’s a nonsense document. It’s done as an intentional fraud by the government; they cannot possibly claim that they are not aware of the scheme, or that any connection can be made between it and its presenter. The government is engaging in criminal activity whenever they do this.

    W: What does a (sovereign) 5th-Amendment Grand Jury look like? Walk us through the steps. How is it empaneled? How does it operate? What are its outcomes?

    A: (@ 1:12:20) Volunteers to serve on a 5AGJ would need to present a declaration that they were of the sovereign class of people, that they had never knowingly, willingly or intentionally given up the rights they were born with. Any documentation to the contrary only exists because of the fraud committed by the government.
    An advertisement should be distributed in each community, saying “We need volunteers to populate a 5th-amendment grand jury in (your County) who will testify to the above-italicized declaration. Such volunteers will be notified of the time and place at which they are needed to be sworn in to serve. (Such volunteers may bring forward to the grand jury evidence of crimes of which they are aware, or that they suspect have taken place.) That 5AGJ would then appoint a petit jury to try the case. These jurors could, during the trial, do investigating on their own to bring the evidence they find to the jury, prosecutor and defendant.

    W: Must the prosecutor also be of the sovereign class?

    A: Your question contains the premise that there is more than one class of person in this country. There shouldn’t be anyone in this country other than members of the sovereign class. The class of “subjects” has been created by the dishonesty of government. When that dishonesty is exposed, we do away with the “citizen class” and everyone’s sovereignty is recognized. In a word, the answer is yes. However, until this exposure is accomplished and the phony class is abolished, we have to work with what we have. (A prosecutor may not necessarily recognize himself as a sovereign in order to function.)

    W: To whom is the determination of the petit grand jury presented for enforcement?

    A: The Sheriff.

    W: Ok, how would appeals be handled?

    A: The determination of the (Petit) Grand Jury is final under a pure common-law situation. The defendant would have had the opportunity to present every piece of information available. (No judge could strike testimony or seal evidence. No statute or case law precedent could interfere. Most appeals are based on technicalities.) The verdict of a PGJ is independent of, and takes precedence over, the workings of the 3d-branch judiciary.
    The Grand Jury determination is superior to that of any of the other courts.

    W: There are a number of ongoing initiatives in the US regarding “common-law grand juries.”

    A: Most seem to be making the same mistakes as the NY CLGJ in that their websites are all linked; the NYCLGJ seems to be the dominant influence.

    W: What, in your view, are those mistakes?

    A: Using the term “common-law” and failing to present declarations by the jury volunteers that they are “of the sovereign people” and not of the class of “citizens,” who have in effect given up their sovereign status. Until they become aware, individually, of their de facto status, they must me subservient to the authority that they are otherwise challenging, and thereby acting as slaves. They still accept their birth certificate ID as their real identity.

    W: You left that identity behind over 50 years ago. Over that course of time, how would you assess the state of recognition among the average person—have you seen any progress?

    A: I think it’s gotten worse. Of the two main groups, those in the freedom movement and those outside it, the latter have no idea what’s going on, that they’ve been robbed. Of the former, because of the prevalence of misinformation and red herrings (sometimes called “patriot myths”) such as all-upper-case names and gold-fringed flags, the UCC, the birth-certificate scam (that says when the certificate is signed, the ownership of the infant is given over to the state—people are not property, an ownership which does not exist cannot be given up), and more, such as “rescinding your SS#” or your driver’s license. There are people charging money for classes and useless paperwork. No one needs any of this to get out from under the system, as I have proven from personal experience and from others who have followed my example.

    By simply writing a letter to the IRS and saying, “Please prove that I personally and voluntarily gave up the sovereignty I was born with to submit myself to the jurisdiction of the United States. Until you do that, (do not communicate with me again.” It’s as simple as that. One cannot accidentally volunteer. Once the mistake is recognized, the scam is over.

    Example: a traffic court case for no driver’s license: where does the authority come from to charge me with a crime? From the law? The legislators? Those who voted for them? Who gave those voters authority over me? If they don’t have it, they can’t delegate it to others. To a female judge: “How many voters would it take to vote your panties off?” She has no authority over (me) until she can prove (I) volunteered to be a subject/citizen. (I knew I had won because the US Supreme Court and the appellate courts provided me with about 40 cases to cite, establishing that when jurisdiction is challenged, it must be proved on the record, not merely claimed by the court.

    The prosecutor was arguing that the legislature had passed such and such a law. I repeatedly asked “where did the authority come from?” The first answer: through voting of the legislature, then voting by the public for the legislators. (He then asked the “panties” question.)

    W: We’re near the end of the interview (near 90m minutes). I see you have a Yahoo group. How else can people contact you? Any closing comments?

    A: Visit Jean’s 2012 blog ( There’s also a Richard Gere movie out, “First night.” The first 5 minutes of the movie are critically important to this topic of discussion. As Lancelot, he demonstrates sword skills, then challenges onlookers to take his gold. Does it a second time. “Is there something magical in that?” the second man asks. No. “Can you teach me to do that? Yes. “What does it take?” Well, you must study your opponent for his weak spot, then watch for the next time that he gets in that weak position. Finally, Gere’s character says, “Finally, you must not be concerned whether you will live or die.” (Whereupon the man turns his head and walks away.)

    A: Without our freedom, we don’t have a life. What we must individually have (which I know from personal experience) is a personal relationship with our creator.I don’t guess, I know this. He is here with me all the time, I can feel him.

    W: Thank you, and we look forward to having you back.
    (End of video.)

  3. Administrator


    Thank you for your Comment on “” I will need to open and review the attachments you sent, in order that my response is on point so we can exchange ideas and work together to expose the corruption of American courts.
    We are on the same page until you wrote:
    “Thanks to the Corrupt Cabal Who Use the Privileges and Power of Their Race to Deny Others the Right to Earn a Living …”
    I do not believe that playing the “race” card advances our mutual interests. In my experience, the common denominator for retaliation against an attorney accused of “false statements about judges” is simply that the attorney has integrity and refuses to tolerate corruption of judicial proceedings.
    We have incurred the wrath of the BAR Association who exercises too much power in American courts.

    I look forward to exchanging thoughts … and relevant facts that expose judges who operate outside their authority.
    You may contact me personally at “”.
    Thank You again.

  4. Administrator

    Thank you for your comment, Lynnette __ and for your support.
    Good Luck with the IRS.
    We must all TRUST in someone or something.
    Trust in “your ability” to recognize those you can Trust.
    My favorite “clues” are Truth and Integrity. Search for those …
    God Bless!

  5. Samuel N. Smith

    I made the mistake of assuming the South Carolina AG was a person of integrity and asked him to prevent con artists attacking senior citizen retirement assets AGAIN. The next thing I knew I was being attacked by this crook. To make a long story short, then I discovered the “chief justice-Jean Toal” was taking bribes cooperating with the AG. I was RAPED of my Constitutional rights and robbed of my rights to use my education and training to support my family. Our so-called “judicial system” supposedly allows the victim to sue the guilty party in federal court. I was shocked to discover that our “federal” courts are useless because they protect their friends. I have filed this with SCOTUS. Why can we not file a class action lawsuit and go after the “federal” courts that have no respect for the Rule of Law?

    1. Administrator

      Mr. Smith; Thank you for the Comment.
      You are not alone in suffering Loss of Constitutional rights in our so-called “justice” system. You recognize that it is a “legal” system, not a system of justice.
      If you are interested in having your case published on this site, we can establish a separate line of communication where we can discuss the essentials.
      The more the public becomes aware of the corruption in our courts, the better the odds of “cleaning up” the mess.
      Thank you again for contributing. I look forward to hearing from you …

  6. Shawn Christian Murray

    Hello Mr. Wrona. I do not know if you remember me or not ? We corresponded via mail while I was incarcerated at SCI-Chester. The subject-matter was in regards to corruption within the Franklin County Judiciary, specifically Judge Richard Walsh. I just wanted to let you know that I have been released from SCI-Chester so if you would like to contact me you can email me. The last we spoke through letters, you had said you needed some additional information ? I believe you may have also spoke with my mother over the phone? Looking forward to hearing from you. I have an address & phone number to give you but I don’t want to post it on this comment, so let me know how to get my contact info to you without divulging it to the entire public. I still have the letters that you wrote to me with your address on so if you would like, we can proceed with my case further via postal mail, email or telephone. Let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you. Keep fighting for the rights of Americans. You do make a difference.

  7. angela turner drees

    Hi Eugene – i got your message on my voicemail and i am happy to help out. please send me your email address and i can send you a copy of my 1983 case against my judge in Alabama. hang in there! angela P.S. i am in Germany right now for work but will be back in the USA on Jan. 27. we can talk then if that is ok….

  8. Dennis McKee

    I have solved the problem with them altering of documents and am now attacking them on UPL. After 40 years I have finally got them to sue me for it but unfortunately not criminally. The answer to all these court problems have been in front of us since the beginning its just no one saw them. Thanks Dennis McKee New Brighton.

    1. Administrator

      Thank you for your comment. Sorry for the delay in this Reply.

      Seems like you & I have much to discuss …

      If you would like to exchange thoughts, ideas, etc you can reach me by email at < < >>

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Thanks, again.

  9. Lisa

    I have made two complaints to the Disciplinary Board in PA and those complaints have landed in the lap of Alan Davis. He is less than professional and knowledgeable. He uses the excuse that there is a “broad scope” when it comes to attorney misconduct and continues in his letter to essentially states that attorneys are allowed discretion when the commit an act that violates code of conduct and professional capacity. Two attorneys who attempted to practice in a state where they are not a member of the bar. Despite clear evidence and examples of this and behavioral issues, he refused to do anything and then went my letters back to me, return to sender. After suing their “major contributor to the campaign efforts of Castor” it was indicated that instead of resolving my case based on issues identified and fact, I was told that it would all go away if I would withdraw complaints against his friends. In a legal document, it states that I must withdraw all complaints filed against these creeps and to never ever file any charges or complaints of any kind no matter what they do, help me understand their ignorance of the law and the constitution!!! A case filed for other issues and I am subject to legal extortion to resolve my issues. It is indeed a very corrupt system. The second complaint I filed, I sent to everyone in a related field so he could not hide the complaint and then he tells me it is confidential, actually I am not under any oath or agreement to not share with others what these two attorneys have done!! I sent it to two newspaper outlets in the area as well. Today I get a letter stating I have ten days from the date he sent it to respond or it will be permanently closed. I guess at least someone got his attention as he plans to do nothing but must keep up appearances, he should go back to his practice and fall flat on his face for being unethical and without knowledge of the law and actually committing crimes because only a fool would seek counsel from someone like this! He is better off being a fry cook.

    1. Administrator

      Thank you for your Input, Lisa.
      If it is not too much trouble, scan and attach the complaint / complaints in an email sent to this address.
      I am familiar with DBSC. They do not follow their own rules … Perhaps I can be of servcie ot your cause.

      Thank you, again. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  10. Jessica Lynne Kenley

    HI!! I am so happy to have found this site–I am very interested in what can actually be DONE in these cases where there is a blatant misuse of power, or authority, or whatever…Here’s a short (and many apologies in advance, because there simply is no way to tell this story with less words!) version of my story anyway–
    I live in Coudersport, PA, where the town cop, Officer James Collins, seems to be able to do whatever the hell he wants to and the Judge and the DA are in agreement–Mr. Steven Minor and Mr. Andy Watson, respectively.
    I live in a duplex in the Borough of Coudersport, and have had an extremely contentious relationship with the other renters of this unit, Mr. Cody McFall and Ms. Crystal Cook, because of the way they treat their [then] three year old boy, and the amount of uncared for animals in the house. I have three small children and 4 pet cats myself, so when they decided to breed their two adult, intact, untrained, pit bulls, resulting in 8 MORE dogs that I had to deal with every single day, one of which, the adult male pit bull, was very dangerous and fear aggressive.
    They also decided to let their poor, sickly, undernourished cat have a litter of kittens too–all of which died from flea bite anemia.
    Long story short, I don’t like these people, and I told them what they were doing wrong by these animals and the child every single chance I got, because when I called CYS and Animal Control, and The SPCA, and what not, when I would, for instance, find a frozen puppy under my porch steps, they did nothing, save for making Crystal vacuum more often.
    She filed MANY, (I’m not even SURE how many) harassment charges against me.
    Then she filed stalking charges.
    Then she called CYS one day about my children “running around outside naked unsupervised” and the shit hit the fan.
    When CYS showed up, I had an 18 month old boy on each hip, with their diapers on only, and this was June 2nd, (not the middle of winter) because we were headed for the bathtub at the time, but I had to quick clean out a car I had borrowed from a friend because she was coming to pick it up, and so the boys had indeed scooted outside my front door onto the patio to watch me, which was absolutely fine with me, as we keep tabs on each other basically constantly and in fact these two boys were born MANY weeks prematurely, and so at this age were not even capable of walking, much less running…..) ……anyway, I digress. Apologies.
    Soooooooooo…CYS workers Marcie Weiss and Isaac Musser saw, touched, and took pictures of both of my sons in order to ensure their relative “safety.”
    I said, ok, now are you satisfied that these are not abused or neglected children?
    They responded that they needed to inspect my house.
    And that was the last straw for me.
    We had just gotten back from a very long trip that had turned into a nightmare, I hadn’t slept in days, and my only thought was: “Get these children in bed! Tomorrow will be better!”
    So I said, “NO.”
    On the grounds that the dwelling that me and my three children live in is a HUD inspected house, specifically inspected for small children, and that I had had a social worker from their very same office building (Human Services) that very morning in my home and she is an obligated reporter and so if there was anything unsafe accccccccorrrrrrding to the Public Welfare System, it would have been reported and fuck you very much for coming over and disturbing our lives for no good reason, but it is BATH AND BED TIME IN THIS HOUSE.
    So THAT’S WHAT WE’RE GONNA DO. And I carried my two children into my house [I have a third, but she was at her father’s house at this time, Thank Heavens], slammed the door, turned the deadbolt, locked the back door, and went upstairs to bathe my children.
    Well. This didn’t sit too well with one Officer James Collins, who had made the phone call to CYS on his way BACK over to my house.
    I got the boys out of the tub, put a diaper on Jaxon, then heard my phone ringing downstairs.
    I looked in on Henry, who was delightedly enjoying his nakedness and running all over and decided a diaper could wait a minute, because it was approaching 10PM and I had no idea who was calling me.
    When I answered the phone, I was surprised to hear Officer James Collins’ voice screaming at me, “WELL, NOW YA DID IT. ARRRRRRE YA GONNA OPEN THE DOOR OR AM I GONNA HAFTA BUST IT DOWN?”
    I’m confused here–Um…. You Aren’t Allowed To Do That. The social workers already saw the kids…. I mean…
    I looked out the window and was unhappily surprised to see that now he had summoned the STATE police to assist him in his efforts too.
    Um. Oh My.
    Well, the back door is locked, I am supposed to have the 4th and the 14th Amendment Freedoms That Our Bill Of Rights Of The United States Constitution Guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaruntees Every Man, Woman, And Child.
    My Home Is My Castle And I Have A Right To Privacy.
    Not according to one James Collins, POlice Officer Of Coudersport, PA for the payast ThiRtEEFOOOOWARRR Years.
    Ha! War it says.
    In any case, they eventually got in, gave the babies to my parents, and remanded me to Clarion Psychiatric Facility for two weeks, during which time my ex-husband jumped at the chance to file a
    Special Relief” Motion for full physical and legal custody of my daughter, which resulted in her only seeing me and her two little brothers 6 hours per week this entire summer, supervised, at my mother and father’s house.
    Will you help me?

    1. Administrator

      I appreciate the difficulty of your situation, Mss. Kenley. Exercising one’s rights when the government is overreaching can be hazardous.
      “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong!” Voltaire.
      How can I be of assistance? We need to explore that area.
      I have not been engaged in the “practice of law” for … years, but remain engaged in the war against rogue government. As you know, “family” courts have the least oversight, and are difficult to deal with. They exercise tyrannical power to destroy families. CYS is more often a collaborator in concert with the court to the detriment of the children it is supposed to protect. e.g., “Kids For Cash” – Luzerne County.
      We can add a page for your case on this website, and perhaps someone will step up to offer assistance in your case.
      Thank you for your trust in our efforts. Lets see what can be done.

  11. Tina Buse

    We live in Hawaii our public defender is more on the side od CPS then us. I have tried to find an attorney here but can’t seem to locate one that is for the victim. Any ideas or suggestions???

    1. Administrator

      Thank you for your confidence in our efforts! I wish I could be of assistance, but you are running into a wall where even “honest” attorneys fear to tread. Lawyers willing to stand up For the LAW risk their “right” to practice law, which will be attacked, and their “license” will be suspended until they can be DISBARRED.
      It is happening Right Now in Pennsylvania where the SCOPa (unlawfully) “suspended the license” of the elected “Attorney General” because she was exposing corrupt (criminal) misconduct in county courts. See Kathleen Kane. Many crimes by the justices.

      My suggestion to you is “Prayer”! God may send an angel who will lead you to the attorney who will fight the corruption within “family court”. Family courts have the least oversight and therefore run rampant over the rights of whomever they decide.

      My prayers are with you … and everyone whose rights are trampled by the corrupt government and courts. (That is the thread of this website.)

  12. bill k.

    I’m still in the process of an appeal from the decision made by Judge leonard brown of lancaster. Facts were the ex wife , custodial parent failed to comply with relocation statues and just about everything else in the guidelines and factors to decide custody. Judge still ruled in her favor even when a risk of harm hearing was never completed on finding the evidence of a dui ARD program was never completed by her paramour. Paramour also had multiple charges for drunk in public. And false identification to and officer. Some how judge ruled that this home was still in the best interest of two girls between 7-9yrs old. Please look up my name In the prothonotary of lancaster website. William kerr vs. Regina kerr. I will look for more assistance if appeal doesn’t override the child custody order by judge brown

    1. Administrator


      There is an inherent Problem in child custody matters. The PA statute speaks of “best interest of the child” without defining the term. Ergo, any judge can arbitrarily make any decision under that umbrella without explaining the basis for the decision. There is No Judicial Oversight for “custody courts” in Pennsylvania … or any other state; at least none that I am aware of.
      Judges are supposed to follow the guidelines in PA.R.C.P. 1915 … IMO, these rules provide an escape clause for the courts to do whatever they want.
      At ages less than 12 / 13, courts will not permit children to testify as to their own interests. A GAL may be assigned to further deplete your finances. The GAL has little or No Interest in the best interests of the child, but depends on the “approval” of the court for another “assignment”.
      Sadly, Outcomes are pre-determined!

  13. Dave


    Many of these illegalities are RICO Act violations, Jury/Witness/ and Evidence Tamperings.
    Negligence, Misprision, Malfesance, OBSTRUCTIONS OF JUSTICE,
    Bills of Attainder prohibited by the US Constitution, by total disregard of the RIGHTS TO TRIAL BY JURY.

    1. Administrator

      Thank you for sharing, Dave.
      All of the perpetrators are government agents / public employees. Therefore they are subject o the “Basic obligations of public service … 5 USC 2635.101 — posted under CRIMES on this site. They became criminals of “conflict of interest crimes” defined within …
      The problem we have is asking a corrupt government to prosecute a corrupt branch … Do I need to point out that any effort to prosecute will be in a “hostile” court?
      Unless we get US Attorneys like the ones who prosecuted “Kids For Cash”, do not expect immediate results.
      Thank you again for your interest and thoughts.

  14. Leslie Hernandez

    I am in Southern Oregon. I was involved in a juvenile dependency case. At the hearings, the presiding judge, took several opportunities to admonish me. I requested a copy of the audio transcript. What I received does not have the multiple times where I was called vile,disgusting,and abysmal in it.
    I am not an attorney. I am in need of some help. Who can verify the authentification of he copy I received? I believe the audio was edited to hide the judges comments she made. Is it even legal for hem to edit the audiotapes?

    1. Administrator

      Thank you for contacting this site. I feel your pain. Criminal alteration of audio records of court hearings is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE, and is what initiated my War against the corrupt legal system … it cannot be a “corrupt judicial” system because “corrupt judicial” is an oxymoronic expression.

      There are federal and state laws against Tampering with official records. In PA, 18 Pa.C.S.A. section 4911 (I think) is the Criminal Statute. 18 USC 2071 is the federal criminal statute. Hillary Clinton admitted to violating this statute which, under the penalty phase, disqualifies her from holding any public office.
      A Vote for Hillary is a VOTE to CRIMINALIZE the White House. Might as well make it OFFICIAL!

      I had audio tapes forensically examined by Zed McClarnon in Malden, MASS. That was back in 1998, when audio tapes were analog, and the editing left an electro-magnetic spike which was readily discernible with the correct equipment. Zed conducted nearly 100 forensic exams of audio records. His findings were never contested or overturned by a court UNTIL the PA Disciplinary Board found a way to keep his testimony “off the record”. Subornation of perjury and other crimes were involved.
      Zed is the creator of the two “Deconstructing America” videos on the HOME page of this site. I suggest you Google him and establish communications.

      I am not sure that with today’s technology, that these government agents (public servants) have not upgraded their criminal tools for electronic edits of court audio records. They should now be able to “brush” those old electro-magnetic spikes right off the remaining record. If Zed can help, I am confident you will have a competent and loyal ally. If not, he may be able to point you to another technician who can.

      I wish you well in your battle. The battle is also being waged in other states across this once Great country now run by corrupt government and corrupt private organizations … in particular, the A.B.A. … Yup! American BAR Association … which happens to have been founded as foreign organization.
      Forgive my tardy response, but I needed to think “How to Answer” your inquiry. I pray this will help … GOOD LUCK!

      If Zed is unable to assist you, we may find another method to seek a remedy.

  15. Greg Todd

    Hi Gene we meet Monday night on JAM radio show. I sincerely thank you for being you. I will send you what I have on the ‘Fourth Branch: US v Williams 1992. Scalia wrote the majority opinion.

    My email: gregtodd1127@gmail AND Please us both Google has shut me down upon request of the criminals….
    My Cell: 561-727-9115

  16. Michael schwartz

    Me and my wife have sent emails to you asking for help. We have just learned new things and would like to share them with you. The last court hearing my wife went to was on may 31st 2016 at witch time the judge dismissed all charge on James Duffy father of Damien and Isaac Duffy. For sexual abuse. 3 days later is when we found out that they start a investigation on me and my wife and was going around from family to family asking question about us. We also was told about my own sister being friends with Mr.Duffy and also was friends on Facebook. And now we have a investigation on us.
    It is really funny that charges get dropped then put on us. Throughout this matter and investigation we have done everything children and youth services have asked every little problems we came about or the boys would talk about or the boys would do we would be on the phone with Cy’s letting them know. They told us not to do anything. It started getting bad with the kids and the things they were doing. So we recorded what they are doing and saying. We told Cy’s that we have the things on video and right away they told us we might have to take all the children because we jeperdized there investigation. They told us from now on don’t talk to them don’t do anything let them go and they will deal with it.
    We have tried getting people to help us because it was a lot to deal with. And they keep telling us they were dealing with it. Veronica gibbons Cy’s worker said herself that she knows we are good people and that we are not to worry because she knows that we are good parents. They have been with my wife for 8 years and with me for 3 years once I married my wife.
    My sister has been friends with James Duffy for about 9 years. My sister did not like my wife and was always trying to get us to give our middle child to her if in the event something happens to us. And again that is why a Alarm went off that 3days after the court hearing with James Duffy that charges and investigation turned and became on us. And it was with my nephew that are saying this. We have so many documentation of these things and would like to show you. Every last thing that Mr Duffy does wrong the courts dismisses everything the moment my wife does something wrong like the boys miss a appoint with there therapist Jamie gets a contempt on her.

    Now once my mother found out that they took the kids she went to Cy’s that morning to get the children so they would not have to be in foster care they laughed at her and my father and said; we went to your home and left a card to let Jamie and Michael know to call us. My mother did just that and let us know. But because my parents never called Cy’s they told them they did not qualify to have the children and they are not looking for a next to kin at this time.
    We have taken this matter to fbi attorney general’s and mayor’s, they all said that we are being railroad and set up. And they lead us to you. My family is very big in Wayne county my aunt is vide president of the chamber she has connection magazine. She will tell you that I’m a good person and not like what they are blaming us for.
    This is so much to deal with my children being taken from us and put with people they don’t know. Cy’s not telling us how they r. Our 3 year old just might need consoling when he returns. It’s not right. Nothing adds up. This miss has started way before I got involved with my wife. And now has drugged my family into it. James Duffy and my sister are working on same sides. If only you could talk with my family her family and see the paper work we have and hear everything you your self will see that we are going to be charged on false crimes. Please help us please here us.
    Call us 646-338-6933

    Thank you
    Michael Schwartz
    Jamie Schwartz

    1. Administrator

      Mr. Schwartz,

      I apologize for the delay in responding … No Excuse, but my plate is pretty full, and I am engaged in several projects.

      May I assume that you are in Wayne County, PA? If not, what state are you in?

      It is not my practice to give advice without knowledge of both sides of the issues.

      Please send me another comment on Thursday, … to remind me to call you on Friday or Saturday …

      Maybe I can help, or at least point you in the right direction. I make No Promises, except that I will call …

      Thank You for your patience and understanding.

  17. Chris

    Why can’t we find a high powered individual who can help with this fight. There must be someone who wants to take us the cause. It would be great publicity for someone to take a stand but someone who the media and the state might pay attention to.

  18. Jim

    I would very much like to speak to you concerning an issue that I believe is a jurisdictional ( lack of) in a Pa. County court.

    This court petitioned in my case almost two years after my sentence was completed- so far, are getting away with it. I would appreciate your learned opinion.

    Thank you
    My email is

  19. Brandon

    I am in need of assistance with my federal complaint in US District Court Eastern PA, docket 16cv3893.
    Do you know of any attorneys that are not afraid to take such a case?

    1. Administrator

      You may want to contact a legal services organization in your community or check through the Yellow Pages. Many attorneys advertise the type of cases they consider to be within their services. I do not offer … or recommend attorneys.

  20. John Henry Melville

    I recently became a victim of Mr. Alan J. Davis, Esq. when he summarily dismissed my complaint against my former attorney. My initial complaint included 16-separate documented Emails to my attorney requesting the Claim Files of the Defendant Insurance Company, to which he either lied or ignored or changed the subject. My attorney withheld the files on purpose for 12 months and almost lost us the case, but my last minute letter to the Judge firing my attorney saved the case. In his complaint dismissed letter against the Media, PA based attorney, he wrote 4 pages of There is no evidence that…. I see no proof of that…….There is insufficient evidence, bla bla blah. I sent them 76 pages of evidence and got my complaint dismissal letter in record time. They got my 76 page complaint on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 and I had my 4 page complaint dismissed letter signed by Alan J. Davis dated January 12, 2017 in my hands on Saturday, January 13, 2017. Talk about a boys club cover up. The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court Of Pennsylvania has assigned a Rat to watch the gate into the Cheese Factory – A Despicable display of arrogance and indifference to what is truth and law.

    1. Administrator

      Mr. Melville,
      Thank you for your TRUST in “” to contribute to the resolution of a demand for “disciplinary action” against an attorney, even one as deplorable as Alan J. Davis, who EARNED a nomination to the Hall of Shame on this site. In truth, and integrity, I cannot comment on your case based on the “summarized” statements in your post. However, if I were to come into possession of “copies” of some of your documents, perhaps they may find their way onto this website. I can not , in all good faith, disagree with your characterization of Alan J. Davis.
      I look forward to hearing from you to advance the cause of “integrity” within the “disciplinary branch” of the legal community. Thank You Again!

  21. Mary Bush

    Has anyone spoke up about the state of Pa legalizing the kidnapping of the elderly into guardianships to extract all the wealth from the family? My mother was fraudulently put into guardianship against 14 advanced directives that legally covered all possible invasions into her person, property and assets. Chester County Orphans Court is running an Monopoly forcing people into the use of the business Guardianship Services of Pennsylvania whose owner Carol J hershey has quasi judicial powers of writing a letter and severing a life long relationship between a mother and daughter. There is no way away from this business who is protected by this court as they falsify the record. According to Chester County Court system and against title II of the ADA laws my mother is locked in a nursing facility against her will and against my position as her legal Health Care Agent. The court continues to act outside of its jurisdiction and all the profiteering fake service providers are liquidating mom at 20k per month with bare minimal care being given to her. I have been targeted for speaking out and documenting the dismembering of my mothers health , welfare and estate. The Court blocks everything I attempt for redress from this abomination of justice. Has anyone else experienced this in Pa?

    1. Administrator

      Mary Bush,

      Pennsylvania and most other states engage in what I call “State-Sanctioned Kidnapping” … a term coined years ago in Massachusetts. I do not have a solution to the court’s abuse of authority. My suggestion would be to file a complaint in federal court against the state court acting in the absence of jurisdiction. Courts abuse their authority when they assign GALs for children and our elderly. Many have argued that a GAL should be appointed from within the family, who are much more familiar with the issues within each family when compared with the interests of an “attorney” assigned by the court, whose primary interests are to foster good relations with the court (judge), and to bleed the estate of the elderly. Keep in mind, the A.B.A. (and state BAR Associations) have a pecuniary interest in creating income for its members. Abusing the rights of the elderly seems to violate the 13th Amendment. When children are involved, judges speak of their “authority” to ACT in The Best Interests of the Child. Ask “your” judge to Define that term.
      To the best of my knowledge, their is NO LEGAL DEFINITION for “The Best Interests of the Child”, which translates into a carte blanche “arbitrary” authority to violate the “rights” of the child and the parents.
      Both Parents have a Constitutional “right” of access to their children, and to “rear” them according to their own standards. Children have a Constitutional “right” of access to both parents. Absent “abuse”, the parents or other close family members should be appointed as GAL. State legislators should enact laws to protect those rights of the “public” and our children.
      The A.B.A. will oppose any such legislation.

  22. thomas matsinger

    i was threatened by magistrate judge with jail time because he did not like my answer to question: was that my signature on a document? i answered i am not sure, its been a long time , it may be,, the judge started screaming at me asking my age over and over again so i continued to answer the signature question and he threatened to have me arrested and threw me out of court and found in favor for plaintiff, yes civil action any advice?

    1. Administrator


      I am reluctant to offer advice with so little information.

      Keep in mind that “the courts” are not Courts of Law, so judges (actually “administrators”) for the Corporate states deprive litigants of their rights on a daily basis.

      Wish I could be of more help …


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