Oath of Office

Oath of Office  —  William E. Ford


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In 2016, William E. Ford ”retired” from the bench of LCCCP, ( Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas ). BALC (Bar Assoc. of Lehigh County) published a flattering history of his career, but BALC failed to report several (unlawful) practices employed by judges of LCCCP; in particular, those practices for which William E. Ford earned his nomination to this Hall of Shame.

     Ford began his legal career as a Judge Advocate in the United States Marine Corps. (per BALC).

     I thank him for his service, but call into question his integrity. On at least 3 occasions, William E. Ford took and/or subscribed to an Oath of Office that includes, among other issues, a promise to “support and defend” the Constitution of the United States. 1. to enter the Marine Corps; 2. and 3. — as a lawyer and Judge in Pennsylvania, he took an Oath and subscribed to support and defend the Constitution of Pennsylvania as well.

     In Ternigan v. Hamoui, William E. Ford DENIED the defendant “due process of law” and “equal protection of law”, violating his Oath of Office. The defendant was DENIED the opportunity to  cross-examine Plaintiff, depriving him of a fundamental right.
Ford “unlawfully” permitted the Title IV-D attorney (Susan G. Maurer) to “testi-LIE” on behalf of Plaintiff.  The Title IV-D attorney LIED in court, committing a “fraud on the court”. When confronted with these FACTS (on the docket record), Ford refused to “correct the record”. Further, Ford UNLAWFULLY held Hamoui in “contempt of court”, a pattern and practice in Pennsylvania “family courts”. 

     Ford also “obstructed justice” when the issue of “criminal alteration of audio tapes of the hearing
( 9/24/97 ) was brought to his attention. LCCCP judges Edward G. Reibman and Alan M. Black joined Ford in the same prejudicial proceedings against Mr. Hamoui. Their conduct, as well as Ford’s, justifies the label of “criminal misconduct”. Ford and Black “deprived” Hamuoi his 6th Amendment right to confront the adversarial party. 

     Ford DEPRIVED this Administrator of Hamoui’s 6th Amendment right to call witnesses in defense. Judge Edward Reibman and DA Jim Martin also “excused” themselves from testi-Lying! 

     The Commonwealth off Pennsylvania is “complicit” in a criminal conspiracy via AOPC (Administrative Office off Pennsylvania Courts) and DBSC to DENY Constitutional rights.

     Ford knowingly omitted facts in response to a criminal investigation conducted by assistant/deputy DA Douglas G. Reichley into the criminal alteration of the audio records in Ford’s court on Sept.  24, 1997. This Administrator alleged that at least 5 audio tapes from the courtrooms of 3 different judges and 4 different court monitors, were illegally edited; a Crime …  18 Pa.C.S.  4911.

Is this a “conflict of interest” with the alleged DUTY of the “court” to search for Truth? 5 CFR 2635.101
Was Farouk Hamoui DENIED “due process of law”? 
…  and “equal protection of law”? 

    Did William E. Ford “ever” administer LAW?