Document List: Hamoui Case

Hamoui Phase 1

The following documents support assertions of Criminal Misconduct for tampering with official records of the court, depriving Hamoui of the most fundamental rights of a litigant — a FAIR tribunal.

The following Documents may be OPENED for review.

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Web ID Year Case and Description of Document Judge Controversy
A 1997 Correspondence to request an Investigation into criminal edits of Audio Tape. Ford Edits
B 1998 Ford Correspondence / Answer. Admits breach of chain of custody but denies any wrongdoing. Rejects investigation of Audio Tape Edits. Fails to admit that HE took custody. Ford Edits
C 1998 Respond to Ford Correspondence Note objection, request moving ahead with appeal. Ford Edits
D 1998 List Errors to Audio Tape (Sept. 1997; Ford, J.) Detail list of errors showing where the audio tape was edited. Transcript
E 1999 ADDENDUM: Docket # 04481 PHL 97  RE: Request to Correct the Record. Description of events supporting criminal alteration of audio records. Superior
F 1999 Corres.  Deputy D.A. Douglas Reichley excuses court. Fabricates excuse for failure to investigate criminal misconduct in the court. Investigation
G Jones v. Clinton: Excerpts from Opinion holding President Clinton in Contempt by Susan Webber Wright, Chief Judge, Eastern District of Arkansas. Wright Undermine

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