Hamoui Narrative: Phase 2

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PACOURTINJUSTICE reports the continuation of the child support action before Alan M. Black who is already nominated to the Hall of Shame. The court administered a support hearing applying the LAW ex post facto and obstructed defendant’s right to test the credibility of Plaintiff.

Black TRAMPLED Hamoui’s Constitutional rights and TRASHED the Constitutions of Pennsylvania and this Nation.

Audio records of hearings on four separate dates in Black’s court have been criminally edited. Black suborned the perjury of his court monitor, Diane Snell. She placed custody of the audio tapes in his possession, causing him to recuse himself from the case, and then, over the objection of defendant, Black withdrew his recusal, violating the Code of Judicial Conduct.

Black subsequently testified under oath that he did not recuse himself. Black LIED under oath, an act of perjury. His testimony is in direct conflict with his Letter to withdraw his recusal.

In 2002, Wrona, with Farouk Hamoui, filed to IMPEACH Alan M. Black for misconduct in a CHILD SUPPORT hearing. See   Affidavit/Impeach Black ! 

Extensive details of the Distribution of Injustice by Alan M. Black and appellate courts will be published shortly.



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