Hamoui Narrative: Phase 3

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Phase 3 reports efforts to level the playing field by demanding that the DRS solicitor, Susan G. Maurer, Esq., be disqualified from serving as solicitor and as the Title IV-D attorney consistent with settled Pennsylvania Law.

Judges Ford and Reibman each DENIED defendant’s Motion to Disqualify the solicitor. Reibman remarked that she must be afforded ‘the right to earn a living’ or ‘to practice law’, a right that clearly supersedes Hamoui’s right to “due process”.

Counsel for defendant contends that the transcribed record of the Motions Court hearing before Reibman is incomplete, inaccurate and unreliable, alleging that a criminal alteration of the audio record in Reibman’s court took place.

Details of judicial prejudice in favor of a solicitor for family court will be published shortly.

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