Ennis    (Click here to see details)

The Ennis case reports a Distribution of Injustice by organized and collaborated abuse of judicial discretion, deprivation of rights and State-Sanctioned Stealing by the Lehigh County family court. It would be naïve to believe that the practice of State-Sanctioned Stealing is limited to Lehigh County. If you have been subjected to similar treatment in your county, please contact us to have your case published on this site.



    Hamoui is a Child Support case in which a pre-determined outcome was administered by DRS, and affirmed by two corrupt judges in collusion with a dishonest, i.e., corrupt Title IV-D attorney (solicitor) over a period of four years and before three judges. See Black’s Law for a definition of “Corruption”.
     The case features criminal misconduct involving systemic deprivation of civil and constitutional rights and material and criminal alteration of audio records of court hearings supported by unrefuted evidence that the “chain of custody” of the audio records was broken. Physical custody of the audio records was transferred to the trial judge prior to the records being transcribed, giving an appearance of “pattern and practice”.
      The Hamoui case reports judicial abuse of discretion, deprivation of rights, criminal misconduct, false imprisonment and obstruction of justice by the Lehigh County court. The administration of this case is a manifestation of corruption and EVIL, the heavy-handed exercise of judicial misconduct that permeates Pennsylvania “family courts”. Hamoui filed a formal complaint with the Judicial Conduct Board against Alan M. Black  …  which never reached a “hearing”. 

    Montelione  (Click here to see details)
    Claudia Montelione (“Claudia”) was one of those innocent “victims” of a corrupt government action taken “under color of law”; a “fraud on the court” initiated by Kathryn H. Silcox, a Prosecutor for BCP (Bur. of Consumer Protection), a government agency reporting directly to Atty. Gen. Thomas W. Corbett, Jr.
Lawrence F. Clark, Jr., masquerading as a “judge” in a “court of Law”  took actions to deprive Claudia of her rights under the Constitution, not limited to due process and equal protection of the law.  Clark presided over what can only graciously be described as a “hostile court” where he attempted to intimidate an innocent defendant with threats against her liberty and even her life.  (March  2008)
Claudia “passed away” on August 22, 2014.  Her story is compelling.
     E.A. Wrona    (Click here to see details)

Judicial Atrocities are not limited to “Family Court” corruption. Matters between The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a.k.a. “Cmwlth.”, and Eugene A. Wrona offer conclusive evidence of judicial misconduct and criminal misconduct in Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas, “DCCCP“.
    Fluck (Click here to see details)

     Fluck is the story of a Child Support case in which a pre-determined outcome was administered by DRS, and affirmed by two corrupt judges in collusion with a dishonest, i.e., corrupt Domestic Relations section of Northampton County Court of Common Pleas. See Black’s Law for a definition of “Corruption”.
     The case features criminal misconduct involving systemic deprivation of civil and constitutional rights and egregious judicial misconduct which includes “Remanding” the matter back to Domestic Relations until a “court approved” recommendation for Child Support is returned.
The DR hearing officer was in “No Man’s Land”. Instead of following the Law, he had to obey the judge. His UPLINE failed to “cover his back”. The primary issue was whether a person who filed for Disability, and who had NO INCOME, could be Ordered by a court to pay Child Support. Fluck was in the process of receiving Disability, which Leonard Zito refused to accept from the attorney who was handling his Disability claim.
      The courts in NORTHAMPTON COUNTY ruled contrary to Law, and even violated the “Right of Appeal”.  Two judges deserve Disciplinary action for their criminal misconduct in regards to Jeffery Fluck for egregious disregard of the fiduciary responsibilities of their Office and the rights of all litigants under the Constitution. 

Other cases [Coming Soon]

2 thoughts on “Cases

  1. Robert Rath

    First I’d like to say I’m a bit nervous about my name being published commenting on judicial behavior. I could write a book of how disgusted I am with entire lack of legal system. I sincerely believe the mob has more integrity and as I’ve said for many yrs now I would have rather they had hacked off an arm and be done then being subjected to the 5+ yrs of mental torture being at the mercy of these educated criminals who call themselves judges and attorneys. My most recent discusted experience that took place just this past April 2013 was having my 2 days/wk visitation from an order in place since 2009 totally revoked. I haven’t heard or have seen my 13 yr old son Julian and two daughters Savannah 10 & Alyssa 6 since. And I’m a father who loves his kids more then words can ever describe. My ex wife and I had a hearing in front of Judge Garrett Page which had been continued from Aug 2012 . The hearing clearly stated that it involved a lump some of money I received after the divorce that had already been decided that she was entited to a portion. After I stated to the judge I no longer had any of this money left because I had several people I owed he and I decided that I would pay $150/mo to her atty. At no time was my visitation discussed or argued by anyone in that courtroom incuding my ex, her lawyer or Judge Garrett. This judge cleary took it upon himself to no longer let me be a loving father and stripped me of my visitation. Not a single soul in that court room proposed any reasons whatsoever nor were their any docs prior or after that warrented this abusive behavior. I’ve been back to the courthouse and paid out of pocket every doc that was mailed to me just to make sure I didn’t overlook or hadn’t received any. Not the case. I called the judges secretery on several occasions for any type of explanation and she can not provide a reason either. Although, many people swear something has to exist such as an arguement as to why by either my ex or her atty. Besides the fact I hadn’t done anything to jeoperdize my visitation. I can no longer afford a lawyer yet I have to figure out how to fix this even though there’s no rational explanation about why and how to do so. I’m well beyond sickened and discusted with the court, the people who participate and seem to thrive from the misery and emotional trauma they inflict on many of us. I wanted to mae this short, but I need to include “Southeatern PA Legal Services”(which is funded by the state and fed) that i was so relieved they would represent me as I am on SSD. I called and they said yes on the phone after I told them my situation which was I just wanted an attorney to restore my visitation. After signing the agreements and then sitting down and discussing my case for nearly an hour by one of their lawyers. He assured me they can and will be able to help me. Suddenly, he leaves the room and when returning he told me that he couln’t take my case because of a lack of funding. He could see I was angry and stepped out again. This time when he returned he said he coudn’t take my case because they’re not taking more family court case at the moment. Anyway, same thing then gives me a third excuse about my case started in 2008. And Harvey Strauss then entered with some other bs. And that was my last and only chance to obtain legal help. And one last point about the hearing in April with my ex. It was raining and I’m sure many people know how slippery those marble steps leading up to the courthouse are. Well, wham! I took a really bad fall on my 46 yr back that gives me pain anyway from herniated discs and pinched nerves. And two security guards clearly saw what had happened. When i arrived in the courtroom and expressed my pain and concerns he didnt believe me. So, he sends someone from the courtroom to retreive these 2 guards that witnessed it. But, this person returned and said the guards (that he spoke to) didn’t see anything. As I asked the judge for a continuance he told me to find the guards i claim that witnessed me fall. As there are many entrances to the courthouse I simply went to where they were. The judge asked me to bring them backto the courtroom with me and I did. and they confirmed everything. Finally feeling a sigh of relief that I could seek medical treatement Judge Garrett took upon himself to pretend he was a doctor also and his diagnosis was a refusal to let me do so. Question: IS THIS JUDGES BEHAVIOR EXCEPTABLE? (IS HE QUALIFIED TO MAKE A MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS TO?) (IS HE ALOWED TO TAKE MY VISITATION AWAY FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON?) If this isn’t an extreme abuse of power along with other inexcusable behavior then their credentials need to be checked and be mentally certified at the very least once a year. They are making decisions that could destroy many peoples lives buy being uninformed or unqualified.

    1. Administrator

      Hello, Mr. Rath,

      I apologize for the delay in this answer … I’ll try to do better next time.
      Your Comment raises many issues, most of which cannot be answered in this public forum.
      I will open an email line where we can discuss things off-line.
      Some of the issues may appear here as updates. Thank You for your Comment.


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