Operation Greylord — Brief Review



Operation Greylord is related to the Kids For Cash Scandal where the law enforcement and legal community in Luzerne County, PA maintained a conspiracy of silence. There is one great difference though.
Because of Operation Greylord, laws were enacted (in every state) which MANDATED the silence of lawyers where it would adversely affect the integrity of the judiciary.

In KIDS FOR CASH, SILENCE/CONFIDENTIALITY was the Law. A very unconstitutional law.  
Because of the damage to the integrity and practice of corrupt courts, protections against future exposure to “criminal investigations” were codified in every state in the Nation.  In truth, these “protections”, in the form of Constitutional Amendments, were unlawfully and UN-constitutionally promulgated from within the judiciary. We will look deeper into those court actions later. At the fulcrum of these codified changes are the Model Rules of Professional Conduct promulgated by the A.B.A. (American BAR Assoc.) which has a vested interest in the “protection” of its members.

Operation Greylord was a colossal FBI sting in the early 1980s involving the Cook County, Ill., judicial system. It resulted in 92 indictments naming judges, attorneys, law enforcement personnel, court employees and one state legislator. Among the convicted were 15 judges and 50 lawyers.


One might ask … “What relevance does Operation Greylord have with Judicial Atrocities post-2010?
The answer becomes obvious when you answer the question —
“Has the DOJ conducted any other criminal investigations of American courts, state or federal, since Operation Greylord?”

… and then — “If Not, Why Not?”

This site will present unrefuted facts that support the argument that the A.B.A. has engaged in an extensive project to ensure that any future “investigations” are nipped in the bud.

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